And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint.” – Luke 18:1

Nobody really prepares for the storms of life. As a matter of fact, in this part of the world, you’ll add the phrase “God forbid” before talking about anything that looks negative but storms will come.

An emotion-base faith cannot weather the storm when it comes, it will get driven wherever the waves and wind go.

A scripture based faith however is storm resistant. This is because a scripture based faith is always prepared – not to avert the storm but to go through unaffected.

I’m really grateful to my mum who taught me to pray for my needs while I was still very young but I have grown to pray always so that when a situation comes, it will meet me at the place of prayer. That way, I’m always confident of my faith and that God was with me when it came so, He is aware and He knows what to do.

See prayer like your savings in the bank. If you have been saving, then you know you are rich when drought comes but if you haven’t been saving, what will you withdraw?

Pray always.


Alex Amos

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Alex Amos

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