kenny kKenny K’ore may have been quoted wrongly about his reservations concerning Provabs new single which featured M.I but the Gospel music minister straightened out the issue on his facebook account Monday, 16th of Dec, 2013.

Here is an unedited copy of the post from his Facebook account:

“I am an artist by the name Kenny K’ore.

Some days ago a fellow sent me a text message passionately advocating that I help promote the track Provabs, one of Nigeria’s lead gospel rap artist did with MI Abaga, a top class Nigerian secular artist.

Apart from feeling like I’m not a promoter, and taking aback by his request. I replied the text stating my reservation about the musical effort.

He called me some days later to tell me he’ll be putting it on his site. I couldn’t be bothered by it, since I’ve writing to Provabs personally about the track and it’s prospect from my view.

I haven’t seen the site and don’t know in what context I have been quoted or what the person intends to achieve by the publicity.

However, Provabs know that I don’t have any personal vendetta against him or any fellow labourer in the field who has or intends to collaborate with secular artist on gospel projects. And for all my reservations, I respect MI’s achievement as an artist {secular}.

I can, and have spoken with several of my gospel colleagues about why I think gospel artistes shouldn’t collaborate with secular artistes.

I would be happy if I could convince people to my point, which is based on my understanding of scriptures but if I couldn’t, at least I’ve said my piece.

I could be wrong, and I am open to corrections, I’ll be favoured indeed if such corrections come from kind and well meaning hearts.

No one has made me a standard over my colleagues and I don’t intend to be one. But I do care for the art of music and the ministry to which Christ has called me to draw men to Him.

As much as I believe in the power of skills and professionalism, I rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to convict and convince people to Christ, something I deeply feel would be lacking if we turn our alters unto the strange fires of secularism in the bid to evangelise the unchurched.

That’s my position on the matter.”


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