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Honeydew's Glamshot: Gogo Majin Is Enchanting In African Print!!! Talks Music & Fashion In Recent Interview


Worshiper, singer and Creative Director for GM4FM Gogo Majin shared a stunning picture collage of herself in one of her designs. Gogo took four different poses in the African Print Lace Top with Round Neckline Sleeveless Frock expressing how happy the dress makes her feel with her caption.Is

gogo 2
Photo: Instagram/Gogo Majin

“I feel a sense of freedom when I wear this dress. It’s a happy dress, and if I hadn’t played pharell’s ‘happy’ a million times to the point where I cannot listen to it for another one million years, it would have been the perfect soundtrack to this dress,” Gogo wrote.

Gogo who granted Internet Newspaper YNaija an interview recently talked about her experience as a voice coach training some of Nigeria’s entertainment greats during the first season of MTN Project Fame.

Photo: YNaija

“Yes I was on Project Fame season one as voice coach. Shows like that help to build and nurture talent. A lot of my students from the academy have gone on to do really great things in music. Like Inyanya, Praiz, Ijeoma, Nii and a couple of others are coming out with projects soon. I celebrate them all the time.”

Talking about her music, Gogo said her Fashion label GM4FM seems to be taking more of her time these days but she still spend private time on her music and hope to release new materials soon. She said,

“initially my passion for music was a red flame but with time it’s become a blue flame. Passion that cooks is better than passion that burns.”

Read Full Interview on YNaija

Gogo Majin is a Fashion Designer, Voice Coach and Singer. Her worship single “Almighty God” remains a classic. her other singles from The Gogo’s Song Book collection includes “Waiting on You”, Can’t Stop Praising” amongst others.

– Written by Honeydew Amos


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