A Year Later, Glowreeyah Tells The Story Behind “God Alone” Video Shoot

Today makes it a year since Glowreeyah Braimah released the video for the single “God Alone” and she recounts the untold story behind the video shoot  through a post on her social media account.

Glowreeyah God Alone video

Read below:

“There are many things that can go gaga in the creative process .Things that we (artistes,musicians etc) may never want to share with you. Let me share a few from behind-the-scene facts about this video released exactly a year ago ‪#‎Godalone‬

1.On the morning of the shoot,i was denied access to the house that was to be originally used for the shoot of this video.The house-owner and i had been in conversation up until the night before the shoot.The next morning,he refused to pick his calls.His uniformed security attaché held up his rifle and shooed me away from his gate.His Oga’s car was parked neatly in the driveway but he said to tell me ‘that his Oga was not at home’.Till today, he is yet to respond to my calls or messages.I have forgiven him.

2. I walked away from the van/driver that was loaded with all the props so that I could cry on the road in privacy.

3. I was desperate.How do you get that one free day to organise a whole team of people(video,make-up,photography,styling etc) again?Who bears the costs?

4. I made frantic phone-calls.

5. A friend asked me to go check out his friend’s office in Lekki.

6. Mr Lekki Stranger asked me why anyone I had made an arrangement with would break it off,without reason?I tell am say ‘I no know’.

7. He told me I could use the office(as long as we didn’t mess up his walls) and even the hammock at the back for the external scene.It had to be on a Sunday as well.

8. I cried again and asked if I could give him a hug.He obliged.I was too happy to care about decorum at that stage.

9. By the way,Mr Lekki Stranger is a Muslim and his office trumped that house setting by far.


1.Your helpers may not often be the most obvious ones.

2.When hell interrupts your good plans,know that heaven has an extraordinary plan.

3.The arm of flesh will fail you.Lean on the everlasting arms always.

4.Forgive on credit- even when the offender is yet to or may never ask for forgiveness.

6.God alone wanted to be exalted in this video.It’s very obvious that He wanted me to share this story with you.

7.Ask for help when you need it.”



Twitter: @Glowreeyah


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