Lots Of Prizes To Be Won In Shoggy Tosh’s “Pamoto” Dance Competition!! Enter Now!!

Pamoto by Shoggy Tosh ft Henrisoul - VIDEO SmallShoggy Tosh just launched his Pamoto Dance Competition which closes on 24 January, 2016. The Dance Competition requires participants to:

1. Share the competition with 10 other people [send a screenshot proof to emujow@gmail.com]

2. Download the song Here

3. Watch the Pamoto music video [the making] Here and do your own dance around the style.

4. send the video to emujow@gmail.com [it must be not more than 30 seconds] and you are good to go! [Terms and conditions apply]​​​​​
Prizes to be won are:
1st prize: Toshiba laptop, softwares, & feature in Shoggy’s next music video.

2nd prize: ​A top HTC android smart phone.

3rd prize: A Nollywood red carpet adventure + £50 cash (if winner is in Nigeria / London) [if not in these countries = £100 cash prize​]​

Pamoto by Shoggy Tosh ft Henrisoul produced by PastorChild is the second single from Shoggy Tosh’s EP, ‘Emujow’

Pamoto means an addictive dance dedicated to the Creator of mankind. It is performed by bending your knees slightly, and raising your hands upright, in a driving motion. Life on this terrestrial ball was not meant to be smooth, and from time to time we are engulfed in problems and challenges. However, by dancing and praising God Almighty, these problems are surmounted.

The song was released officially on 10 October, 2015, whilst the music video directed by Femi Best Touch is to be released on 6 December, 2015

Shoggy Tosh was only recently awarded the 2015 PGMA London for Best Rap & Hip-Hop artist of the year.  

Watch the making below:


Twitter: @ShoggyTosh


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