Wilson Joel, Endorsed, Steinberg

Wilson Joel Replicates 1996 Photo – See Before & After

— Award winning producer Wilson Joel replicates 1996 photo

Wilson Joel, Endorsed, SteinbergAward winning producer and CEO of Doxology Music Wilson Joel replicated one of his picture from 1996 and all we can say is the difference is clear.

“Same after school classes venue… 1996 & 2016 compare ’em! Same smile, Same person, Different view!!! A man who is ashamed of where is he coming from will never be able to figure out where he is going to”, says Wilson Joel

wilson joel replicates 1996 photo

Wilson Joel is a music producer spanning over 15 years of musicianship history. Produced for Universal Music Group, South Africa & Music Producer/Head Honcho at Recording hub Doxology Music. He is also a Steinberg Media artist relationship endorsed music producer (1st in Nigeria, West Africa).

His many notable works include but not limited to “Miracle Worker” by Glowreeyah, “Alagbara”by Onos and lots more. He also recently scored music and did audio forensics for “Just Not Married” movie by movie producer Judith Audu.


Twitter: @wilsonjoel

Instagram: @musicmagnate

Facebook: Wilson Joel

Web: doxologymusic.net


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