#SelahMusic: Busola Martins | My Case Is Different [@MartinsBusola]

My_Case1a (4)To the glory of God, New Zealand based song minister and key member of the RCCG music team in New Zealand, Busola Martins returns with her 5th single “My Case Is Different“.

The Holy Spirit breathed on His minstrel during a day-to-day conversation in December 2016 after Shiloh 2016 hosted by Winners Chapel, Nigeria.

Ready to be shared with the world. It is a song of all seasons, especially when the world is filled with uncertainties and heart rending news.

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Twitter: @MartinsBusola
Instagram: @Busola.Martins
Facebook: BusolaMartinsGlobal
Horpeoluwar Desalu

Horpeoluwar Desalu

Sport freak... music too. Follow @iamhopinho... fun all the way!
Horpeoluwar Desalu

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