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#SelahView: “Most High” – Nosa’s Quest For An Intentional Worship!

– Review: Nosa Ft Nathaniel Bassey – Most High

feat. Nathaniel BasseyYou can still feel the smoothness of the serenading sound of Nosa in the new single “Most High”. The message is intentionally worship whereas Nosa has in sundry times been more metaphoric in his delivery.

Therefore, one cannot define the new single as a deviation but a deliberate attempt for an outpouring of more substance, so as to fulfill a divine mandate of impartation. Nosa had earlier revealed that his new album will be predominantly worship.

It is typical of Nosa to infuse Afrocentric and Tropical vibes in the delivery of his signature. It is most highlighted at the beginning of the song with the raucous sound of Nathaniel Bassey’s horn blaring off gallantly! He did not spare in his wittiness to conjure eulogies within the vocabulary in description of the “Most High”, neither did Nathaniel Bassey.

The song reaches an explosive climax at the chorus and no other words would have better put the expression into word than “hallelujah!”

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