Uche Maduagwu Rebukes Bisi Alimi For Calling Out Pastor Adeboye

Adeboye Loves James BondUche Maduagwu is known for stirring up issues on social media and most are wrongly delivered or directed. He however hit a good point – although the delivery is in question once again – when he called out Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, who used a derogatory word to describe RCCG senior pastor Enoch Adeboye.

Uche, known for his use of language without caution voraciously dragged Alimi on his Instagram account.

“If you say pastor Adeboye is irresponsible, then you are incredibly abominable too.” He said to Bisi Alimi.

Uche hit the point when he questioned the later about criticizing men of God. We do not say questioned should not be raised but when dealing with God’s order… should there not be caution?

“You too have joined your “yoyo” #friend to criticizing men of God abi?” Uche said. “Wetin person no go see for #naija…?? It’s only in #Nigeria that people who #swim in the pool of adultery…, boldly points accusing fingers at pastors.???”

“But can we really blame these #guys? If a “mad person” is #dancing on the street, and people ignore him, he would eventually stop, but when little #children are clapping, and singing for such a “mad person”, he’ll think everyday is #Christmas.?”

He pointed out that aside the fact that Pastor Adeboye is an ordained man of God. He is old enough to be the latter’s father and at such he should have threaded with caution.

Horpeoluwar Desalu

Horpeoluwar Desalu

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Horpeoluwar Desalu

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