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Franklin Graham Makes Passionate Plea For Nigeria’s Persecuted Christians

Christian Evangelist and missionary Franklin Graham has made a passionate plea on behalf of Nigeria’s persecuted Christians.

“Christians in Nigeria are being brutally slaughtered, and they feel like the rest of the world is turning a deaf ear to their cries,” the 66-year-old head of Samaritan’s Purse wrote in a Facebook post over the weekend.

It comes as ongoing violence between Christians and Muslim farmers in Nigeria’s central Plateau state continues to escalate.

Sharing the news from World Watch Monitor about Rev. Adamu Wrim Gyang who was burnt alive with his family, Franklin Graham continued:

“Thousands of Christians have died just since January, at the hands of Muslim Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram radicals. In a recent social media video, a Christian leader tried to put their distress into words, begging the U.S., British parliamentarians and the UN for help. “America, please stand for us. We are dying… Please, allow us to survive. We have nobody. Only God in heaven can stand for us…Please, please, I’m begging you stand for the helpless.”

“Just one of the latest incidents included the murder of a pastor and four members of his family. Rev. Adamu Wurim Gyang and three of his children were set on fire and burned beyond recognition. His wife, Jummai, only 45 years old, was shot and left to die in a pool of blood. Their one remaining son living away from home at college, read about the attack on Facebook and went home, devastated to find his family dead. More than 14 people were killed in that attack, 95 houses were burned down, and farm crops ready for harvest were destroyed. Horrific story after story. This is just evil.

“These are families just like ours—their plight should break our hearts. Please lift them up in prayer and ask your church to do the same. If you will do that, let me know in the comments below and as they see this in #Nigeria, I hope that they will be encouraged by the fact that you care and will pray.”

In a video obtained by World Watch Monitor, a local pastor seen standing next to the dead body of Pastor Gyang’s wife makes a desperate plea to the United States, Britain, and the U.N.

“America, please stand for us. We are dying… Please, allow us to survive,” Rev. Ezekiel Dachomo said in the video. “We have nobody.  Only God in heaven can stand for us.  Please, I am begging you. United Nations, your silence is getting worse …Please, please, I’m begging you stand for the helpless.”

Source: CBN News

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