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“Pastors Should Put The Musicians On Payroll” – Dr. Sonnie Badu Says

“Put the musicians on payroll” – Sonnie Badu says to pastorsGospel music icon and Pastor at Rockhill Church Atlanta, Dr Sonnie Badu has advocated for musicians playing in church saying “If they are skilled and have it as their full time job then kindly put them on payroll.”

While ministering at his church in Atlanta, in a message tagged “Intimacy in Worship”, Dr Sonnie Badu said that the musicians, no matter how skilled he is cannot go to the grocery store and use his skill as currency, therefore, he should get paid for him to be in accord in sound and mind.

“Pastors refuse to pay musicians,” he said. “I had a pastor say ‘don’t pay no musician.’ Any musician that plays and plays skillfully, put them on payroll. As skillful as they are, when they go to the shop, they can’t tell the grocery owner [speaks in tongues], I played in Rockhill so please give me those drinks and gas for free.” 

Dr Badu further captioned a post on his Instagram which was dealing with the issue with his opinion, saying:

“Should pastors pay musicians? This is my answer: If they are skilled and have it as their full time job then kindly put them on payroll… For worship to be complete, the musicians must play in one accord with sound mind and skill … musicians must be taken care of. They are the red candle to be lit on for intimacy during worship … Let’s take care of our musicians… We give foreigners so much attention but ignore our own … This must change .. #DrBadu #NoTableShaking.” 

“A lot of musicians have been abused and this must stop … without them, the service will struggle … However, as a musician, you must earn your respect … integrity is vital .. Let your works speak for you. #DrBadu #ShakingTables



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