#SelahMusicVid: Omolola Adegoke | Ori Mi

Fast rising gospel minister Omolola Adegoke is out with another new song, Ori Mi, meaning “my creator.” A song that talks about identifying your calling, purpose, and mission.

In her words, she says “God’s words are unfailing and indelible. The scriptures say, ‘Of a truth, God’s promises are yes and amen’. If only we can discern or identify this in life, then we will not engage in fruitless adventures, blame game, and unnecessary rivalry.

“‘Ori Mi’ talks about wealth gotten from doing what we are called to do, and God prospers the works of our hands. I have come to realize that His plans will come to stand, and you cannot struggle with the creator. At a very tender age, I could identify what I wanted, but distractions from my parents diverted my plans. I love singing and had great passion but got distracted chasing shadows.

“The song ‘Ori Mi’ (my creator), Is prayer and motivational song. I considered what I have been through, and I believe if I realize and follow God’s plans for my life, I can have Peace, Happiness, Joy, and above all, Prosperity”.

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