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“Lionel Messi Reminds Me Of God’s Mercy” – Tope Alabi Says

Tope Alabi says

– Tope Alabi says Messi reminds her of God’s mercy

Yoruba Gospel music sensation Tope Alabi shares her sporting live, her unconditional love for the Super Eagles and her preference for Barcelona forward Lionel Messi and more in a recent interview with Punch’s Tosin Oluwalowo.

Tope Alabi who said she was not really into sports while growing up, said she has a thing for table tennis.

“I actually didn’t really like sports while growing up, this prevented me from getting so involved in it. So, I can say that I am not actually a sports person. But I like table tennis and that was what I tried out while growing up. I tried it several times because I like it, I like the part where you play the ball to your partner and your partner returns the ball (ping pong), that’s the only sports I was interested in. Football and the other sports were not interesting to me. But at least table tennis, I can try.”

She said her interest for European soccer grew because of her husband’s passion for the sport. Her brother’s love for soccer also aided her interest. Nevertheless, Tope Alabi is in doubt if she can say she is a fan of soccer.

When asked to choose a favourite between Christiana Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, Tope goes with Messi.

“I love Messi more than Ronaldo because of his name. Actually, the spellings are not the same, but I just love him because when you call Messi, it makes me remember the mercy of God. Because when you call Messi, you still feel it’s the mercy of God. This is the reason I love him more and he is also very humble.

“Messi’s name is kind of synonymous to mercy for me. I am a gospel musician, the mercy of God is all what we crave for, and it has been working for me.

“So, when I hear Messi, I just think about Mercy.

“And like I said earlier his name (Messi) is speaking for him. Whatever he has achieved in the sport is thanks to divine mercy.”

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