Honeydew's Glamshot: Is This Even Legit?! Gogo Majin Adds Elegance To Golf Fashion

This is the 2nd time I’ll be writing about GM4FM’s Creative Director Gogo Majin in less than 8 days!! Don’t blame me, I just couldn’t resist. You see, fashion designing does not just happen to you, it’s gotta be innate and Gogo has proved that statement is down right straight!

Gogo MajinI saw this outfit and I exclaimed “Can you even do that?!” but c’mon, we all know it worked well for her.

Gogo Majin rocked a white polo on African print A-line skirt and white brogues, her fabric belt and hairband adding to the all round white theme. She might as well be having a sunny day on the golf course for all she cares but I doubt if the skirt will let her run around much. (LoL).

Who would have thought traditional African attire could be combined with the Western counterpart to make a good golf fashion statement!

Go Gogo!! (pun intended 🙂 )

– Written by Honeydew Amos


Twitter: @Gogo_majin


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