Earlier this year, I decided to start exercising – nothing too strenuous – just a walk to stretch out my legs and ‘keep fit’.

It started out difficult but with time, it took me less time to cover the same distance and I didn’t feel the pains anymore.

My mind races over a thousand thoughts per time and most of the time, I can’t even tell you what I’ve been thinking of. When I first started my walk, I would usually do a lot of thinking. I thought about everything and anything- business, people, and academics! Name it.

I was reading online some tips for walking when I stumbled on an article that said Walking is better if you have a walking partner.

The next day. While walking, I realized ‘What better partner to have than the Holy Spirit?’ My evening walks became more meaningful from then on. Not only am I exercising physically but also spiritually. The time I spend alone in the evenings has become priceless. The days I don’t feel up to physical exercise, the thought of the time I’ll miss with God pushes me off my bed. I did not realize from the beginning that God was giving me an invitation to walk with Him. It’s been such a great decision for me.

In the same way, God calls us at times to spend some time alone; away from friends, phones, social media and all the things that distract us from what is really important – Him. It might seem trivial but it just might be what will change your life!

I urge you to let yourself be led by the Spirit; be sensitive to Him. Don’t keep shutting Him by turning down His invitations. In some way or the other, God is inviting you to walk with Him. The question is, ‘Will you heed to His call?’

‘As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God.’ – Psalm 42:1

– Written by Ibukun Awosika

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