A fool expresses all his emotions, but a wise person controls them.” – Proverbs 29:11

Anger, hate, hurt and pain can keep you from moving forward if you keep them dear to your heart. These are emotions but we are to be ruled by the spirit of God because most times, emotions can be deceptive.

In one minute you can be so angry towards your spouse for forgetting your birthday and the next minute, be at peace with him or her because he/she made up for it with a very nice gift.

Emotions is based on happenings but he who rules his reaction is wise. What happens is not as important as how you interprete it and in this case, anger, hate, hurt and pain do you more harm than the person you channel it towards.

So what are we supposed to do since this emotions will come. First, don’t suppress it but make sure you control your reaction. Suppressed emotions will always find other means of expression but at the same time, we ought to be careful because – most times – in a bid to express our feelings, we overreact and end up making the situation worst.

Also, once it is expressed, discard it! If someone hurt you, forgive them, if you are angry, let go of it, if you are feeling pain, invite Jesus and replace hate with love. You are doing this because you will be able to move forward from that place of hurt, anger, hate and pain once you discard it but holding on to it only keeps you grounded so you see, you are doing yourself more favour than the person you chose to forgive.

Reactions is everything. The children of Isreal ended up spending more time in the wilderness than God had planned for them because they held on to the past. They murmured saying Moses should have left them to die in Egypt. Let go of past hurt, hate, pain and anger today, give it to God. He will give you rest.


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