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Loving & Affectionate Couple Celebrates 2nd Year Anniversary


lacThe 6th of June 2015, Ireland based Gospel artiste Yetunde Joyce celebrated the 2nd year anniversary of her foundation, Loving & Affectionate Couple with the rest of the world and has the organization marks its second year, the president, Yetunde Joyce shares the objectives and visions of the organization with us.

She said;

“I am excited as we celebrate LAC 2nd year Anniversary today 6th of June 2015. I am very privileged to share with you the mission and vision of Loving and Affectionate Couple (LAC), which is a non- profit organisation.

LAC has been set up solely to be of service to couples worldwide as we support couples globally and so far our conferences and educating events have taken place in Ireland, United Kingdom, America and Nigeria. We are strategically working towards other countries.

Also we broadcast on several online radios as our LAC show called Language of Love is still trending.

Loving & Affectionate Couple Organisation provides an opportunity for couples to learn from one another, teach one another, and to be AWARE that they are not alone in the journey of marital life.

Mission: To facilitate a godly open marital discussion and to guide people to choose the best way to address a situation through mentoring, social events, online forum, TV and Radio Show in order to encourage healthy relationship & successful marital life.

Vision: To see couple enjoying a healthy relationship and successful marital life.

Also the organisation helps those in a relationship heading to marriage to see that marital issues are real and to prepare them to know how to deal with it.

Although, LAC is a non-profit organisation, we however leverage on the support of people in the community.

We are blessed to have extraordinary ambassadors such as Juanita Brown Ingram, Her Excellency Mrs Olukemi Mimiko and Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo.  Also our great LAC Team members are priceless.

I would like to invite you to join us in impacting the lives and ministries of fellow married and engaged couples for the advancement of marriage institution.

Over the next few months, I look forward to hearing from you, as we try to be a more outstanding, innovative, and united organisation worldwide. I am both proud and humbled to serve as LAC’s founding president, and I would be genuinely honoured to have you be a member of this community.

Please take a moment to browse and look at our website lovingandaffectionatecouple.com

I hope you find navigating our website simple, supportive, satisfying and enjoyable.

Yetunde Joyce,

Celebrating Marital Life & Healthy Relationships!

..language of love.”



Twitter: @LacTips

Website: lovingandaffectionatecouple   

Facebook: lovingandaffectionatecouple


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