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Are you in the eyes of the public? An artiste perhaps? Do you wait till you have an event, a video, a single, an album, before you appear in the press? How well are your releases packaged? Do you leave the acceptance of your new releases to chance or do you deliberately plan it out? When last did you have good press that showed your image in a positive light?

You need a publicist! You need our service!

It was before the emergence of SelahAfrik that people always wonder what Gospel celebrities are up to in the present times, Some of the Gospel celebrities have enjoyed the privilege of media attention to their works, projects and image. Some have hired our services to create, publish and circulate relevant stories that have propelled their image and works in the public eyes.

We are offering this service to you at a TOKEN PRICE/MONTH or CONTRACT Basis

SelahAfrik generate and manage publicity for you and your works, i.e, your image, your business, book, film or album by:

1. Generating press coverage, creating stories on behalf of clients and serving as the bridge between clients, their public and media outlets. You don’t have to wait till there is a release before you appear in the media, our work is to help you stay relevant all through the year.

2. Writing press releases and managing campaigns. We decide what the public see and how they see it by giving a positive angle to every of your press releases.

3. We bring attention to the production phase or the making of your work by organizing media kits, sending out press releases, and arranging media visits to the production.

4. We liaise between the clients and publication or broadcast outfit. creating and managing your relationships with media channels through which the identities of stars are circulated.

5. We create relevant stories around your work or ongoing projects so as to generate exposure which the media will publish freely (relatively), compared to channels of paid advertising,

6. We generate stories out of your appearances at press conferences, premieres and launches, television interviews, magazine covers, and private event.

7. We represent clients as the go-to source for interviews, features and also, before the media can publish any given story, especially when there is a need to clarify.

8. We also act as “Spin Doctors” to divert attention away from bad press.

9. We make use of our online Magazine – SelahAfrik.com – to bring maximum exposure to you.

We have packaged this services in Basic, Classic, Premium and Premium Gold with respect to media channels, budget, occasion and duration.

We can customize some packages if you need a specific service that we do not have listed. Our Social Media piece includes consultation in optimizing any Social Media accounts you have already opened and/or setting up any accounts you may not have such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

For more information or to subscribe to one of our packages contact:

Alex Amos

Publicist | Press Agent | Publisher

Contact: TEL +234 807 798 1956


Facebook: Alex Amos


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