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Between Pastor Adeboye’s “God Does Not Love Us Equally” Statement, Daddy Freeze & Sunday Akinbowale

Love Us Equally

In a video that has now gone viral and causing a stir online, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Adeboye said God does not love us equally.

The statement was made during the Holy Ghost Congress 2018 and Pastor Adeboye made the statement in the context of intimacy with God alluding to John 13:24-26 where Peter beckoned on John the beloved to inquire from Jesus.

Pastor Adeboye said:

“Don’t let anybody deceive you. God does not love us equally.”

A lot of people have come out to challenge the statement and of course one of them is the controversial OAP Daddy Freeze who is of the opinion that according to Romans 9:13, we are sons of Jacob who God loved hence, we are all loved by God.

The answer to the challenge is however in the statement, Pastor Adeboye never said God does not love us all, he said we are not loved equally and from his premises, this is due to the level of intimacy.

A similar statement by the man of God which dates back to 2017, makes his context clearer.

Pastor Adeboye posted on Facebook, January 2nd, 2017:

“Don’t let anybody deceive you God doesn’t love us equally everybody can call Him father not everyone can call Him Daddy.

Another person who has challenged the statement is author and coach Sunday Akinbowale who made a video saying Christians do not challenge pastors. They take whatever is fed to them without questioning or studying forthemselves.

He is of the opinion that God loves us equally but treats us differently. He said it is the treatment that differs but the love is equal.

Does it not sound like rhetoric of what Pastor Adeboye meant if put in context? He started by talking about “the elect” and explaining what it means.

Pastor Adeboye said God does not love us equally. This means he loves us all but there are some he is more intimate with and will relate differently with on varying matters compare to how he will relate with others.

In conclusion to the premise, Pastor Adeboye said:

“There are some people before they call God answers because of the kind of relationship that is between them and God.”

Intimacy is one of the elements of commanding results as a child of God. God does not waste resources therefore knowing God is paramount in commanding exceptional results. If this is so, intimacy that births the knowledge of the personality of God can make God more bonded to someone than another.

Quite controversial statement and worth the challenge but lets give it a closer look before throwing the darts!


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