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Africa Is About To Feel “The Move”! Preye Odede’s Script Music Readies Big Announcement! | Watch Trailer


Africa is about to really feel the move as Preye Odede’s Script Music label is preparing for a big announcement! It’s a first from the “For My Good” singer and it’s impact is intercontinental!

What other name befits such quantum leap safe for “The Move.” 7 Gospel music minister of African descent will come from all across the world on a specific night, to lift up the banner of Worship at a vantage location somewhere on the continent.

Is it a never-seen-before collaboration amongst African Gospel Music acts? Is it a once-in-a-life-time worship experience with the magnitude of force enough to shake the whole of Africa? Is it all of the above?

One thing certain is that history is about to be made and you will not be excluded from experiencing the historical moment, not just as a spectator but as an active participant!

Like Elisha looking out for Elijah’s chariot of fire, watch out for the move … It’s about to shake everywhere!

Alex Amos

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