Wow! Rapvangelist, Bouqui pours out her emotions all the way from Delaware, where she’s is chilling and getting ready to head out to Gaithersburg (don’t even know what where that is).

B.O.U.Q.U.I reppin’ from the U.S.A Summer Tour

As she cools off, she pours out her emotions and heart of gratitude to God in a deep-emotional rant that formed a kinda memoir. there are lessons embedded in this rant and I think everyone should read this.

She said:

“I always do sometimes when I’m feeling very emotional after I’ve talked to GOD… I unleash on twitter… strange but true..

“It’s almost 2am where I am and I really should get a pen and write a song… Wit d intensity of emotion bursting through my soul… I should get up…

“Well I’m on tour in the States and I feel very blessed that all is going well… 5 states already… Massive response, souls changing etc.. Amen

“I just did Baltimore last week 3 days back to back till Sunday the 18th.. It was one of my best events ever… I did my thing and let God do His…

“I’m home now in Delaware getting ready to get on the road again tomorrow to Gaithersburg… Yeah me 3, neva heard of it till my 1st time there.

“I have stayed in more hotels than a ( 😀 ) …um…Nah…Not that… than a roving gambler… LoL… that’s better… that’s other than having more airmiles than a pilot…

“So I woke up today… Feeling kinda… Squishy… By the way that means… um I don’t know… But maybe a sick feeling in my stomach like somethin was wrong…

“I prayed… I checked on my folks… etc… I was like okay “God are You tryna talk to me?” I tried to sing it away… Get busy… etc but… U know?

“Hung out with my family downstairs then retired to my room upstairs… And I was thinking and talking to God about the things I want to do…

“And as I was praying emotional and all. I heard in my spirit that, what if I don’t give you all these things you want, would you still love me?

“Like someone whispered in my ears…  and I broke down. Would I really still serve him like I do if I knew that he wouldn’t do all these 4 me?

“Would I look for a short cut, would I compromise my chistianity, would I become overtly desperate and toss all my values? Let go of d restrain?

“But I wasn’t crying cos I thougth God wouldn’t do stuff for me… I was crying because of the realizatn that hit me afresh… I worship HIM 4 WHO HE IS!!

“I worship Him not because of what I can get from Him.. But because of who He is and as many temptations are out there? there is GRACE available.

“Whatever you compromise  to get you will eventually lose… I realize there’s a conspiracy, Gods joy = strength… If you fail in adversity = small strength…

“Which mean wen your joy is gone your strength is gone and when the time of adversity comes you will fail.Whatever you compromise to get robs you of your JOY”

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