On Sunday the 29th of December, 2013, one of Nigeria’s popular blogs published the story of Olumide “ID Cabasa” Ogunade being ordained a pastor at his church – Global Impact Church.

ID Cabasa has however debunked the story telling bloggers to confirm their stories before publication. ID Cabasa said:

“Blogs please confirm a story before you carry it o. Rather use this phrase ‘from unconfirmed reports’ ire o.”

The post started a controversy as many people assumed that ID Cabasa being a secular artiste producer who has produced the likes of 9ice, Olamide, Banky W and more was not fit to harbour a godly lifestyle. Most of the comments on the popular blog which were made by “Christians” suggested that ID Cabasa being ordained a pastor is ‘a sign of the end time.’ Others said being ordained a pastor will make him stop drinking and smoking. In response, Cabasa said he has “Never stopped being a christian but lost religion a long time ago.”

“Music remain my ministry! Worshipper of God as christlike is who I am inside and out. I’m still ID Cabasa, a music producer at Codedtunes! Took up a new role and responsibility in church, I’m not changing job… I can’t stop laughing! Imagine one (of the comments) said ‘he will stop drinking and smoking weed,’ I get high on God jor… I’ve never claimed to be perfect and I think God sees this (but) I never stopped being a Christian.” He added.

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It’s funny how so called “religious folks and Christians” jump at the throat of others in judgment. I find it appalling that Christ would bring salvation to tax collectors and armed robbers but we who claim to be Christ-like are only interested in segregating ourselves haven judge others by our standards (2 Corinthians 10:12). ID Cabasa – I do not know from a personal point of view and therefore cannot particularly speak for him – but if you have followed up on the producer’s life for a while now, you’ll find out he has been involved in church activities for some years and if the church see him worthy of being ordained a pastor, how is that a sign of the end time? I’ll rather say “the church is marching on.” Remove the speck in your own eyes before you do that to your neighbours Christians!

Alex Amos

Alex Amos

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Alex Amos


  1. Read too many comments on dis and its obvious that xians are the greatest hypocrites.
    I have know this guy 4 more than 13years, he’s a consistent down to earth christian, even more Christian than most of d sad commentators on lindas blog. Hes been married with kids and no sexual, drug or drinking scandal to his name, go and listen to all his interview you will know this guy has never been the bad guy some so called religious Christians re calling him. We live in d same area and ask anybody about him n you will get similar view.
    He and olamide parted ways because of d kind of songs d latter wants to atart making.
    Xians should learn to embrace positivity and shun all this holier than thou attitude

  2. Little do people know that his wife is a strong christian and a budding gospel artiste, responsible for one ‘Baba Mimo’ track, her name is Sijuade. They dated since forever, and got married, like any normal couple, the truth is that “Christians” don’t know what christianity is about. Jesus was called friend of sinners, and they meant it as a derogatory term, because, as much as he was in the synagogue teaching, he was also in the clubs, rich men’s houses, tax collectors’ homes, reaching out to them. Besides, even if cabasa had a riotous past, it takes one second for God to forgive him and for him to start his life as a believer and take cities and territories for God, just ask Paul, Peter, Matthew, etc

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