marian-2Marian debuts on SelahAfrik!!! Marian is a gifted and soulful singer, who is taking the bold step to answering the call of God upon her life. Here is her debut single title Sweet Jesus. Speaking about how she came about the song Sweet Jesus and what Worship means to her: ” This song was borne out of worship and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the song came to my spirit and I started work on it.  Worship to me is an intimacy wth God, its every time I acknowledge God as my Father and totally  forget about every other thing” – Marian Marian Azubuike is a qualified Nutritionist, Whose call into d music ministry has been evident from childhood. She’s a God lover,worshiper,song writer,worship leader,motivational speaker, Her mission is to reach the world with spirit-filled songs causing changes in the hearts of Men.

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