WORTHY YOUTUBEYetunde Joyce returns to SelahAfrik with her 2nd single from her “G.O.D” album project.

The song “Worthy” is taken from the book of Revelations 5:12 and it talks about the victory, glory and sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ. A beautiful worship song laced over heavy piano cords and vocals that keeps ringing after the song has stopped.

Yetunde said:

“Worthy”  expresses how praiseworthy is our Lord Jesus Christ. He was slain for us and has redeemed us to God by His blood. He is so WORTHY and Jesus is Lord. The meaning of this song is outright, very soft and expressive.

She’s releasing the single for free download on SelahAfrik:

Yetunde Joyce is an inspirational “Afrofolk” singer/songwriter from Nigeria based in Ireland. She is also a certified Project Manager and an Event Consultant.

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