Christopher Bautista

(Photo : Twitter)
A young boy in the Philippines has gained the attention of “Son of God” producer Roma Downey with his fascinating artwork, America’s Gospel inspired online Magazine Breathecast reports speaking briefly with the gifted boy.

Christian J. Bautista, a teenage Philippine native labels himself an artist who loves Jesus on his social media page. The young boy frequently posts scriptures, artwork, and messages of hope. “One particular post on Twitter caught the eye of “Touched by and Angel” star, Downey.

Bautista, a major fan of Downey’s “Son of God” film, drew a slew of pictures inspired by the Bible Epic. “Wow your drawing is beautiful! You are super talented,” Downey appreciatively tweeted after seeing his drawings.
Christian J. Bautista

(Photo : twitter)

Also, Breathecast inquired to know more about the creative pictures and Bautista said he drew the pictures because the movie greatly “inspired” him. He went on to endorse the film and said it is “such a great movie for all Christians.”

Below are a few of the photos Bautista posted of his work:

Christian J. Bautista

Christian J. Bautista

Christian J. Bautista

Christian J. Bautista

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