Sokleva Becomes Ambassador

Sokleva Becomes Ambassador For Urban Clothing Line WearGrace

wear grace soklevaSokleva Becomes Ambassador for WearGrace

Christian inclined clothing line WearGrace signs an endorsement deal with pioneer Gospel rapper Sokleva Hughes. This implies that Sokleva Hughes is the new brand ambassador for the urban Christian clothing line.

Announcing the new development, Sokleva said;

“People are going to judge the book by its cover, it’s human nature. Why don’t you wear your conviction? If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many souls do you think a scripture is worth?¬†WearGrace is a brand that helps you put your garment where your faith is. And so it’s my pleasure to announce that yours truly is now an ambassador for the clothing brand, WEARGRACE!”

Checkout some few pictures from WearGrace lookbook below:

wear grace 9

wear grace 1

wear grace 6

wear grace 2

wear grace 3

wear grace 4

wear grace 7

wear grace 8



Instagram: @weargrace2014

Facebook: Wear Grace


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