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solomonSolomon‘s debut single “Remember” came about as a result of some of the things he was going through in his personal life where so many different voices tried to define him according to their own perceptions of who they thought he should be. There were also challenges in his professional  and spiritual life with a contention for the fulfillment of the Word in his life! “Remember” was therefore written to remind himself and others of who God says you are as opposed to what the situations of life try to tell you.

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Although born British, the musical journey of this UK based Gospel Minister started with a 6 year old following his mum to choir rehearsals at the Holy Family Catholic church, Barnawa, Kaduna, Nigeria, Africa.

This continued up till the point he gave his heart to Jesus.

Active singing in concerts and a variety of functions commenced in 1994 when he co-founded an acappella  group SOP (Sounds of Praise) with two other childhood friends Robert Reuben and Washima  Anande-Kur a.k.a. Bobby and Washi.

This group lasted a few years and ended as they went to different universities. While studying chemical engineering in university, he once again co-founded another acapella group Q-Praise (Quality Praise) which lasted for the duration of his degree programme and inspired other younger groups that came after.


A Professional Process Engineer by day and married to the fabulous Florence Igboayaka, Solomon is also a singer, song writer and Worship leader in his local church – the Fountain of Love Aberdeen aka FOL –  for the last 8 years. He continues to be a part of the Heart Song Ministry that hosts “Engage”  an annual worship conference held in Aberdeen.

Solomon believes that his music & ministry has one purpose i.e to speak restoration and healing always to situations, relationships, minds, emotions, bodies and ministries. He believes that the songs we sing to Father and about Him shouldn’t just be about our experiences of and with Him but should also find their basis in His Word. Some songs sound wonderful and make one “feel”  “worshippy” but is their content in line with the Word of God? The reason he says this is because feelings come and go, experiences can change but the Word of God endures forever.  He believes that an open and honest relationship with the Father (no pretense or excuses about mistakes, gaffes or sins) engenders an atmosphere that allows the Spirit of God to “birth” new songs that carry His unction in deed and address the various issues in the Body of Christ.

Finally, Solomon truly believes that his music will not only “edify” the Body of Christ, but will also draw the unbelieving to a place where they are willing to accept the salvation that has already been freely given.


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