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Christian Leaders & Fans Of Hillsong’s Taya Smith React As She Shaves Hair Off

Hillsong United lead singer Taya Smith caused an uproar after she unveiled her newly shaved hair. This got fans and christian leaders around the world talking.

Her revelation has been marred by mixed reaction around the world, her timeline was flooded with comments both in opposition and in favor of the hairdo.

While some believed it was ungodly and even went as far as quoting bible scriptures to back up the claim, others believed it is nice and should not be taken has a criteria to judge or castigate her.

 “Women shouldn’t shave their heads,” some wrote, quoting from 1 Corinthians 11 verses 5 and 6. Others argued that the scripture doesn’t apply and defended the 27-year-old.

“Your hair in no way shape or form defines you. What defines you is your heart for Jesus and mankind,” others wrote.

Born and raised on the far north coast of New South Wales, Australia, Taya Smith is a key leader in the Hillsong creative team. She is a passionate worship leader who has captured the hearts of believers across the globe with her vocals in ‘Oceans’ and ‘Touch The Sky’ on UNITED’s most recent albums, Empires and Zion.

One thought on “Christian Leaders & Fans Of Hillsong’s Taya Smith React As She Shaves Hair Off”

  1. I wonder if Taya Smith was breaking the mold of the “cookie cutter” shaped woman that is supposed to be blonde and look a certain way that we sometimes see the world throwing at us. And that can be a lot of pressure! Taya’s hair is dark. Why not leave it that way, as God intended. I recently found out that I have been burning my hair with my ceramic coated curling iron when I went for a trim last week to my local hair salon. I was advised to use a ‘damage repair’ conditioner and heat protection spray after shampooing . . . I am doing that and have decided to start embracing my ‘straight hair’ again. Here’s a tidbit that may be of interest to some . . . taking in high levels of vitamin D supplements will slow down the grey hair that wants to creep in on our heads. As God intended, proper nutrition, right amounts of vitamins & supplements, exercise, and feeding on Gods word, are all good for the temple (your physical body) His Spirit indwells. Take nothing for granted. God bless.

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