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My joy has come. Your joy has come, Despite what you may have gone through in the past, despite the challenges that yesterday may have posed, you can be sure of one thing. When God steps in and you truly let Him in, then AYO will definitely be the song on your lips, in your heart and all around you.

Ayo  that is the message that our beloved producer and singer extraordinaire Chordratic brings to us this season in a brand new beautiful uplifting song Ayo, which means joy.

Chordratic poured out his heart on this God-inspired song like never before. This master piece of a song evokes pure emotion and emphasizes hope. The stellar production and vocals will serenade your soul into heavenly bliss. If you are reading this or listening to this song, and you carry a burden that has lingered for so long, remember this,

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Horpeoluwar Desalu

Horpeoluwar Desalu

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Horpeoluwar Desalu

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