Church Clothes: Add Glitz To Sunday With Sneakers, Skirts & Dresses Trend!


Hello SelahAfrikans! It’s your girl Honeydew and today we will be looking at some few ways to light up Sunday with sneakers, skirts & dresses trend! Come with me!

The first rule is this… It’s for church so don’t let it be too casual or too short. We are trying to praise the Lord not raise curiosity! You dig?

Shirt dresses, flared skirts and chambray dresses can be paired easily with sneakers

You can wear your sneakers with dresses or skirts with prints and patterns. You can even try colour blocking.

You can pair them with a denim or leather jacket.

Go for bright coloured sneakers if your outfit has a neutral colour palette.

Match your sneakers with your jewellery to add glamour.

You can also get accessorized sneakers with studs, fun laces and jewel tones.

Let’s take a look at the below pictures and see how these ladies rock their’s:













Photo/Funke Akindele


Photo/Pinterest/Fita Metrica


Photo/Titi’s Passion


– Written by Honeydew Amos. Reach @greenandfibers on Instagram to place your order!

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