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Kierra Sheard Replies Critics Attacking Her For Attending Jay Z’s Concert

American Gospel singer, fashion designer, and radio host, Kierra Sheard has a word or two for her critics who called her out for attending Jay Z‘s concert.

The Gospel artist shared an image of Jay Z performing at his current 4:44 tour on her Instagram account which she attended. “So inspired by the fun and talk that Uncle gave last night,” Sheard captioned the image.

Several fans and religious leaders have raised eyebrows following the emergence of the photo and the 30 years old singer has moved swiftly to defend herself .

A concerned fan criticized the singer saying “How many Christians or church goers actually witnessed or challenged someone last night to give their lives to Christ and attend a service this morning, I can almost guarantee none.”

Sheard responded almost immediately saying:

Actually I had one right next to me. She was in tears with a cup in her hand,” Sheard said. “I hugged her, prayed for her, and we went on rapping and singing. I’m sure she’ll remember that moment and it’ll weigh in on her spiritual decisions.”

Concluding her defence, Sheard posited:

“Grow in your relationship. The church isn’t a building, It’s a body of people. Stop waiting for them to come to you, live life freely and with accountability, and find yourself where they are. Be the church!”

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2 thoughts on “Kierra Sheard Replies Critics Attacking Her For Attending Jay Z’s Concert”

  1. I cant judge her. She does have a point, we may have to go beyond the normal to get them out of the fire. Now everyone may not be able to attend such concert. We don’t know what God told her. To many it seems like she is trying to be on both sides. But I am not the judge. if they don’t wont to go to the church bring the church to them. At any cost to win the lost.

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