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World Most Photographed Jesus Lookalike Kelvin Short Dies In LA

– Jesus lookalike, Kevin Short,  passed away in Los Angeles from pulmonary issues 

He is the most photographed character for Jesus Christ, although better revelations have made us to know the character is far from the closest lookalike for Jesus. The World’s most photographed Christ lookalike, also known as “West Hollywood Jesus”, Kevin Short,  passed away in Los Angeles from pulmonary issues just days before Christmas, it has been reported.

Kelvin Short was so famous he featured in a Lana Del Rey music video. He is widely regarded as one of the most popular and recognisable characters to walk the streets of the city, had been entertaining tourists for eight years.

His friend Brian Hamilton confirmed his death on Facebook, informing his fans that Short unfortunately passed before the holidays.

Brian said Short died after a “brief illness” and that his body has been claimed by a family member from the Cedars Sinai non-profit hospital.

It was also recorded by according to the Independent that Aerosmith‘s “Street Jesus” was about Kelvin Short.

Well… there can only be one Jesus… eternal, immortal! RIP Kelvin Short.

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