Suleman Claims Fulani

Apostle Suleman Claims Fulani Herdsmen Have Sponsors

In his last Sunday sermon, Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Suleman claims Fulani herdsmen have sponsors.

The controversial man of God believes the frequent attack of the Fulani herdsmen has made it obvious that it is no coincidence but that there is someone pulling the strings from somewhere, in the video, an evidently angry Suleman spoke about the killings in Benue state and the Federal Government’s nonchalant attitude to the crisis.

“When something happens once, it can be termed an accident. When it happens twice, it can be seen as a coincidence.

“When it happens thrice, it is a program. When it happens a fourth time, it is an agenda. It happens a fifth time, it definitely has sponsors,” he said.

The cleric ended the sermon by leading his church members in a series of violent prayers against the sponsors of the Benue killings.

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