American Christian Elder Tried To Get Gandhi To Accept Jesus – Response Letter Sold For $50000

A Christian leader tried to get Indian religious and political leader, Mahatma Gandhi, to accept Jesus in 1926. The response letter written by Gandhi in which he acknowledged Jesus, has been sold for $50,000 (£36,275).

The letter was written to response to the one sent by Milton Newberry Frantz, a Christian elder in the US at the time, and is dated 6 April, 1926.

Frantz had written to Gandhi, a devout Hindu who was by then emerging as a prominent figure in the Indian independence movement, inviting him to read an article the American had written about Christianity.

Gandhi wrote back to Frantz from the Sabarmati ashram, in the western Indian state of Gujarat, praising Jesus but saying he was unable to fully accept the Christian view of him.

According to the Raab Collection, the letter is the only one that has come to market in which Gandhi mentions Jesus 

The letter has been in a private collection for decades and is being sold by the Pennsylvania-based Raab Collection, though it would not reveal who has bought it.

The Raab Collection said their ‘research discloses no other letter of Gandhi mentioning Jesus to have ever reached the public market.’




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