RCCG’s Genital Test Before Marriage Is Causing Quite A Stir! See Reactions!

Genital TestThe Redeemed Christian Church of God has ordered intending couples to go for genital test before marriage. This is according to a memo that was signed by Pastor J.F Adesola, who is the assistant general overseer (Admin and Personnel).

According to the document, the move was made so as to put an end to “reoccurring cases of marital crises resulting from falsehood especially in the case of undeclared or unconfessed reproductive/genital status”.


Prospective husbands are encouraged to register with a “trusted government approved hospital” for the medical examination.

While some Nigerians commended the initiative, others deemed it an invasion of privacy.

OAP at Nigerian Info, Fola Folayan is of the view that the Christian institution see leaving out the main issues and ate dealing with irrelevances.

“What exactly is a genital test?” She asked. “There are lots of Issues around sexual and reproductive health that are largely unaddressed in religious settings because everyone is insisting that immorality will be encouraged if they are talked about. So here we are. Asking for “genital testing”. (the crude terminology alone makes me shudder). This is the same institution that will not inform young people about contraception and safe sex (despite the fact that a good majority of their young people are sexually active) but will insist about-to-wed couples do pregnancy tests. Because we are obsessed with the appearance of morality and perfection. Frankly speaking, no religious institution should have this much power over anyone but since we know that they actually have this much influence, then it’s imperative that they teach the right things and send their followers get professional help and helpful information. We can’t keep these issues in the shadows anymore. Sex and sexuality is part of life. It’s time to deal with it.”

A lifestyle blogger, Diary of a Naija Girl, who claimed to be in the know about the memo, said the church was acting because of so many complaints.

She said: “RCCG has heard many complaints from women as to their husband’s false declaration of sexual prowess and ability.

“Because the church frowns at divorce, women have stayed in their marriages even when their husbands are impotent.

“Because of the ‘no sex before marriage’ rule, some women don’t have any inclination of this so they go ahead and marry then get stuck or simply cheat secretly.

“For this reason, couples’ genitalia will be examined before marriage to be sure they are not basing the marriage on falsehood.”

One Dr. Jummie said: “Membership of a church means submitting to its ordinances and being accountable to them.

“Some members ensure extreme measures to prevent pre-marital sex and their first opportunity to see the ‘real’ is on the wedding night.

“So many deception cases out there. There are indeed wolves who prey on the innocent!

“Therefore having a genital exam protects these members who are trying so hard to honour God with their bodies. I agree!”

Comedian, Wale Gates was of the opinion that the church shouldn’t stop there, saying they should also look into the issue of domestic violence.

He said: “RCCG should also carry out a psychiatric test for intending husbands to identify potential wife beaters.”

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