Reno Omokri Says A Wife Who Respects Her Pastor More Than Her Husband Is An Adulteress

Reno Omokri, Special Assistant on New Media to erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan, says any wife who respects and obeys her pastor more than her husband is an adulteress.

The author and lawyer who was the host of Transformation with Reno Omokri, a Christian teaching TV show broadcast said adultery is not only when one has extramarital affairs, it is also committed when a woman respects, honor and obey her pastor over her husband, thereby adulterating his authority.

Speaking on Twitter, Omokri said:

Adultery is not only when you have extramarital sex. As a woman, when you honour, respect and obey your pastor over and above your husband, you have adulterated your husband’s authority as head of the home. Your husband, not your pastor is the head of your home #RenosNuggets”

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