Rev. Sam Adeyemi Highlights One Of Things To Do With “Church Money”

Sam Adeyemi church money talk highlights where the cash goes

Sam Adeyemi Church Money

The senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Rev. Sam Adeyemi has said that the primary assignment of church as far as money is concerned is to attend to the basic needs of the members.

In a clip shared on Instagram, Rev. Sam Adeyemi spoke about what churches are supposed to do with – in his words – “church money”.

“The primary thing that was done in the bible is what we (Daystar Christian Centre) do: take care of the welfare of church members.

“I believe that every new testament church should ensure, that what they did in Acts of the Apostles is what is done in the church; they did not allow anyone to go to bed hungry.

“That is the obligation we’ve put on ourselves in our church, that no one will go to go to bed hungry. That’s part of what a church does with church money.”

Rev. Sam Adeyemi was one of the contributors to the tithe issue which is still a topic for debate on social media.
According to the cleric, curses attached to failure to pay tithe have expired and only worked in the Old Testament.

“Since we are under a new covenant, giving is a choice. Everyone should decide the percentage they want to pay with the knowledge that you will be blessed based on how you give,” he said.



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