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Gospel Singer Dare David Shares Sad Story Of Father’s Assassination Shortly After Reunion

US based Nigerian Gospel singer Dare David took to his Instagram page on Monday to share – for the first time – the story of his father’s assassination, shortly after he was reunited with him.

Dare said he was just reunited with his father in the year 2000 in Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria, after many years of separation due to unspecified family issues, when the tragic incident took place.

“I was just reunited with my dad after many years of separation due to many family issues . On this day, 21st of January, 2000 – I was returning home from a choir vigil . As I was about to enter our compound around 5 a.m. I saw the gates were opened and people gathered outside our house!! I asked what was going because of the commotion. Apparently, hired assassins had come to murder my Dad. He wasn’t a politician, He wasn’t a rich man at that point . He used to be. I ran inside to look around, there was blood everywhere. 
Then I learned that these assassins actually came and they stayed up to 3 to 4 hours attacking him with all kinds of weapons. Guns, knives, stones, name it, they had it all. Nobody came to help despite his cry for help throughout the night. He died few hours after they rushed him to the hospital,” he said.

Amidst the sad occurrence, Dare David said he was grateful because his father came back to Christ few years before the attack that claimed his life, and also for the fact that God saved him. He could have been killed too on that faithful day if not for the fact that he went to vigil.

“I was supposed to be in the house that day. What saved me was my commitment to the work of God. I was the eldest son in the house at that time (but the last born of my mother). I won’t have been quiet seeing people attacking my Dad.”

Dare David said he did not shed a tear when the incident occurred and also for the whole of the 19 years, although it was a very traumatizing experience, but as he expressed relived the experience by posting on social media while listening to Henrisoul’s “Deredu,”shower of tears came running down his cheek.

Dare recently released the video for the single “Who is like our God”. The song which features RNA Messengers have garnered over 53,000 views on Youtube.

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