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Our God is a God of integrity who honors His word Mathew 24:35, He explicitly makes sure that none of His words goes without being fulfilled. He is also not a man that He should lie neither does He change His mind concerning His promises Numbers 23:19.

Elewi-Elese is one of the many attributes of our God in the dialect of the Yorubas’(a tribe in Nigeria) which directly translates to “ You can say you can do”. For as many promises of God that you have received but are yet to materialize, be not dismayed, neither should you relent because our God does not say what he will not do.

Ogundiya Oluwaseun popularly recognized and addressed with the stage name Seunrolls, is a music enthusiast and a multi talented musical instrumentalist. He’s a recording artist who is currently based in China.

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Twitter: @seunrolls

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