#SelahFresh: Peter John | I Will Sing | Feat. Dr. Paul [@iam_drpaul]

Peter John strikes out in this beautifully crafted worship song titled I WILL SING.  He features our very own Dr. Paul, who just wrapped up a major promotion of the ROCK THAT NEVER FAILS where he featured songstress, Preye Orok.

In this song, Peter John announces his arrival in the Gospel music scene with very strong vocals and powerful delivery. Both singers pack this song with such strength and vigor that the listener wants to keep this on repeat.

Produced by Niyi P,  one of the front-row producers in Nigeria, and mixed and mastered by Sam Odus of Newtrend Studios.

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Vs 1

You are lifted up on high

Oh great and mighty God

You are seated high above

And we’re looking up to you

Let our praises ascend unto you

Oh great and mighty God

Here we stand



You are holy (you are holy)

You are worthy (you are worthy)

You deserve honor and praise

You are faithful (you are faithful)

You are beautiful (you are beautiful)

You deserve honour and praise

Let our lives and our hearts come to you

Lift a sacrifice of praise



I will sing all my praises to God on high

Lift up my hands to worship you Lord

Let our lives and our hearts come to you

Lift our hands to worship you


Vs 2

You are glorious and kind

Oh so great and mighty God

You are powerful and grand

You’re the majesty our King

You are faithful and worthy and holy

Oh great and mighty God

Here we stand


@Copyright notice: Words and Music written and composed by Dr. Paul.



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