#SelahMusic: Ayo Moboluwaji | God Alone | Feat. Tosin Bee [@moboluwaji_ay]

‘God Alone’, a contempo fusion is another heaven dew from the great minister of songs, Ayo Moboluwaji featuring the seasoned Gospel minstrel Tosin Bee on it.

According to Moboluwaji “I have seen men with powers, I have watched the strengths of the mighty falling, I have witness light turned dark, some mountains have been dismantled.You can believe change is constant, but to me God Alone is constant. He troubles the wise with the simple, in him all and everything is settled.

“I searched throughout the Earth to see who can help you get to your destination in no time, without bribery, shedding of blood, consequences, repercussions, I found out that is God alone. If your source is rooted in God alone you can never be alone”.

“God Alone” was produced by Tyanx

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Twitter: @moboluwaji_ay

Instagram: @ayo_moboluwaji

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