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#SelahMusicVid: Belisa | Something Good [@belisajohn]


 Belisa | Something Good

The U.K based gospel music minister Belisa John, anointed with a special grace in bringing down the glory atmosphere through worship is set to releasing another beautiful single titled “Something Good”.

It’s a miracle song Belisa declares “When you sing it believe it and it will come to pass in your life…
The song is birthed from an old song archbishop Benson Idahosa used to sing ‘something wonderful great and marvelous’. One evening he was singing it on television, he sang it for a very long time that i became concerned as in why is he singing this song for so long?

“I heard the Holyspirit say to me join him sing, i really didn’t like it but i obeyed and sang the song even longer than them. That week my husband’s relative came to take date for my introduction . Years passed the song never came across my mind again but recently the night before my driving test as i was praying the song just came and i heard the holy spirit saying sing it.

“I did up until i was satisfied and i passed my test the following morning. Again i drove my son for football lessons as i was waiting for him, the song came again. this time i started struggling with the Holyspirit and said why do you keep asking me to sing this song i really don’t like it. And the Holyspirit spoke “can’t you hear the content’?

“I said i do but it’s too old, then He said to me, make it modern,i said how, he said open your mouth and it will come out. i did, and that was how he taught me lines after lines of the song”. She shared

Music produced by Ezekiel Joel

Watch video below




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