Akeem was the only one left in the building, all the other workers left earlier but he’d plan to stay to paint the building overnight so that he can still make it to his daughter’s graduation the next day.

It was an heavy task to be placed upon his shoulders but if he waited for the rest of the workers, he would miss his daughter’s graduation. “There will be other buildings to be painted but your graduation only comes once in a lifetime,” he’d told his daughter that morning before leaving the house.

As he mounted the scaffolding with the bucket of paint and long brush, it creaked with every step he took. Akeem wiggled his body to make sure the scaffolding was intact but the shake only displaced the junctions more so that the scaffolding came down layers upon layers with Akeem falling from about 10 feet.

He laid in his own blood trying to move himself but was unable to carry any part of his body. He was too weak to shout for help as well as he kept on losing blood. There was no one in sight and none would be till about 9am the next day. Akeem subconsciously waited for when death would snatch him away.

His eyes became blurry, but he was able to see one of the workers rushed towards him. Putting his arms around his shoulder, he helped him to the phone where he called the ambulance. Akeem blanked out.

It was a week later before Akeem got out of comma. He didn’t make it to his daughter’s graduation like he’d wished but he was grateful to be alive. He kept asking the nurses for the construction worker who had helped him to safety but had gotten no answer.

“It must have been the effect of your fall,” the doctor told him while patting his back. “C’mon get some sleep, you’ll feel better when you wake up.”

Akeem was fully recovered and ready to go home when the workers from the site came to pay him a visit.

“Man… You are one heck of a guy… How you managed to get to the phone despite all the broken bones and blood lost still remains a mystery to everyone… Even the hospital… Guess that was why you passed out.” Naheel, one of the workers told him.

Puzzled, Akeem replied. “No, I didn’t make it to the phone. I was lucky someone walked in…” he looked around searching the faces of the workers, “I couldn’t see his face but it was one of you.”

“Akeem… It was 2:30am in the morning… Who can possibly be on site to help you around that time?” Naheel replied him.

Tremors ran down Akeem’s spine, his body grew cold with terror and goose bumps covered his skin. He understood that minute that he had been helped by God. He had seen an angel of God. Right there, he understood that God has preserved his life for a purpose, the purpose – Akeem will not rest till he finds.

For he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. ” – Psalm 91:11 [American King James Version]

Alex Amos


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