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SelahAfrik welcomes back our proficient writer Ibukun Awosika. Here’s is “Looking for God.” Be inspired!

Looking for God – Ibukun Awosika

Are you looking for God?

I’ve come to find that He’s everywhere.

Not in the abstract way people say,

Yes He’s omnipresent but not in that way.

In the tangible ways we often ignore.

In ourselves,

The way our minds work,

The things we do that we never thought we could.

The heights we reach not knowing we could never climb.

He’s in everything around us,

Birds, trees.

Don’t you see the Diversity?

And you accredit it To science?

The Big Bang?

Topic for another day.

Even people,

Black, white, red…

Diversity at its best,

A collage of beautiful colors,

A mix of several talents,

Painter, writer, artiste…


He’s Everywhere!

But you don’t see Him?

Do you walk around with your eyes Shut?

He’s real.

I can feel Him.

He’s as real as the things you can feel.

He is.

Look around,

Open your eyes.

Look within

Close your eyes

Let your heart feel,

Let your soul see

He is real.

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