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10 Nigerians Thrown Off Inflatable Boat For Praying

Nigerians thrown off the inflatable boat

10 Nigerian Christians immigrating to Spain by inflatable boat where thrown into the water where they drowned to death because they were praying.

According to Sky News, Spanish police has arrested two Cameroonians in connection to the death of the Nigerians.

The Cameroonians reportedly threw overboard a Nigerian pastor and others who had joined him to pray when the travellers who were traveling in a boat experienced bad weather mid-sea, blaming them for the worsening weather conditions.

According to Sky News after hitting bad weather, a Nigerian pastor was said to have started praying for the boat not to sink. The Nigerian pastor along with 9 other Nigerians who joined him in prayer was accused by Cameroonian men of causing the bad weather.

The Nigerians were then pushed overboard the inflatable boat they were traveling with.

The suspects were arrested by the Spanish police who suspected a mishap due to the fear expressed by the other survivors.

About 50 migrants departed from northern Morocco on Wednesday December 3, in an inflatable boat without a motor. They were hoping to make the nine-mile journey across the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain.

The boat was found adrift off the coast of Almeria, southern Spain, two days later by Spanish coast guard officials. There were 29 survivors, including a three-year-old child. The rest of the passengers who did not survive “perished due to the rough conditions of these types of voyages,” police said.

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