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“When God Gives Man A Son, He’s Beholding His Replacement” – Deitrick Haddon Welcomes Son


dhaddyPreachers of L.A star Deitrick Haddon and wife Dominique have welcome their son – Deitrick Haddon, Jr to the world.

He announced:

We’re blessed beyond measure to have our son and introduce the world to lil Deitrick Haddon Jr.! When God gives a man a son he’s pretty much laying eyes on his replacement! It’s my job to raise him to be a much better version of me! It should be every parents desire to see their children reach far beyond anything they have accomplished. ‪#‎Myonlyson‬ ‪#‎DeitrickHaddonJr‬

The newborn joins sisters Denver and Destin in the growing Haddon family. Deitrick had predicted a son during the anticipation of the baby in April saying he hoped the baby would follow his footstep in career choice, nonetheless, he will not push him.

Congratulations to Deitrick Haddon and the family from SelahAfrikans!



Twitter: @DeitrickHaddon



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