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Hollywood Movie “Risen” Tells The Story Of Resurrection Through An Unbeliever’s Eyes


risen-movie-poster“Risen” the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ with a Hollywood twist as told through the eyes of a non-believer is finally out.

The movie flips the script on the traditional telling of the resurrection of Christ, focusing on  a Roman military Tribune tasked with finding Christ’s missing body in order to quash hopes among the Jews of a risen Savior.

Directed by Kevin Reynolds, the Sony/AffirmFilms faith-based movie stars lead actor Joseph Fiennes, 44, (“Shakespeare in Love” and “Luther”) who delivers a credible portrayal of the fictional Roman Tribune, Clavius. Ordered by Pontius Pilate (Peter Firth) to find Yeshua’s body and prove the empty tomb of “The Nazarene” to be no more than a hoax to “keep a crusade alive,” Clavius will stop at nothing to that end.

With the help of his aide, Lucius, played by Tom Felton, Fiennes’ character scouts out clues that he believes will lead to Christ’s missing body, much like a detective would a criminal case, giving “Risen” a mystery-like quality that will appeal to believers and non-believers alike. It’s what attracted Fiennes to the film.

Clavius is up against a ticking clock to solve Christ’s disappearance before he and Pontius Pilate face the wrath of Emperor Tiberius. Pilate commands the soldier to “find the corpse before it rots.”

As a non-believer, it is both ironic and symbolic that Clavius is searching for Christ — interrogating Jews, and scouring Yeshua’s empty tomb in search of clues that might help his cause. What appears to be the controversial Shroud of Turin even makes an appearance in the movie, giving the film modern references to which moviegoers can relate.

The film’s “Roman mindset” was also fascinating, Fiennes says. “The philosophy, the bared sense of religion and gods and warfare.” Clavius often prays to Mars, the god of war, for help in locating Christ’s body.

Fiennes believes that viewers will be engaged by the scope of the movie. “There are few films, and I can’t think of any, that deal with the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension all in one. ”

“Risen” was released on the 19th of February, 2016

Watch trailer below:


Source: Christian Post



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