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Mary Mary To Replace Sister Tina Campbell?

Mary Mary, Tina Campbell, Erica Campbell

— Mary Mary new season premiered 3rd of March on WE tv

— Tina Campbell to be replaced by Koryn Hawthorne?

Mary Mary, Tina Campbell, Erica CampbellIt looks like Mary Mary may be needing a new Mary although Erica Campbell is not giving the full details as the new season of their hit WE tv reality television show premieres.

In the snippet of the new season, fans will witness the group’s producer and Erica’s husband, Warryn Campbell, threatening to replace Tina. 

Hip Hollywood questioned Erica about replacing Tina and she  revealed why her husband had to give her sister an ultimatum.

“We were trying so hard to get her to do it and she’s just like, ‘in a moment, in a minute,’ and I was like ‘it’s so present right now,” Erica said.

She however held back details saying fans will have to watch out for what happens next. The group’s former manager Mitchell Solarek tries to pitch one of his clients to replace Tina in the award-winning music duo in the trailer in the person of 18-year-old singer and former contestant on “The Voice,” Koryn Hawthorne.

While Tina tells her sister that the financial repercussions for not giving Sony their promised album would be Warryn’s problem, she refused to believe that there would be another version of the group without her.

Watch season five of “Mary Mary” airs at 9 p.m. ET, on WE tv.



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