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“We Almost Broke Up In 2005” – Midnight Crew

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midnight crewChristian quartet Midnight Crew has revealed to NET that the group almost broke up in 2005.

While speaking with Urban Gospel singer and member of the Midnight Crew Mike Abdul, he revealed the reason why groups break up in Nigerian citing the fact that individual projects within the group have helped the Midnight Crew’s bond. He suggested that groups should encourage individual platforms.

Speaking on Midnight Crew’s 2005 decision, he said:

‘Sometime in 2005, we felt that we had spent four years together and things were looking tight and difficult for us. We decided that we should do something about it by letting everybody go. We called a meeting which was meant to disband the group but as God would have it, we found ourselves praying and after the prayer session, we did not discuss about disbanding the group but making it better. God helped us. Imagine if we had disbanded Midnight Crew in 2005, we did not know that we were going to receive a song that would make the whole nation proud in 2008. Igwe was released seven years after we formed Midnight Crew’. 

Both Mike Abdul and Pat Uwaje-King have released singles, videos and albums individually. Not only that, they have also floated their own label with Mike Abdul signing few artistes to his label. G-Minor also has a successful music coy and Odunayo Ojo is involved in all their operations aside her personal projects.




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