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Lagos Should Expect My Very Best at ‘The Excision’ – Preston Perry | Jun. 11

preston perry, excision

preston perry, excisionOn the 11th of June, 2016 by 4pm, “The Excision” which is the second edition of the highly anticipated “Rhyme and Reason” concert will take place at The Dome, Freedom Way, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. In anticipation for that day, guest international Spoken Word artistes are warming up and telling us their expectations.

Here is Preston Perry telling us how much he’s looking forward to June 11th.

How long have you been doing what you do and how has the journey been?

Preston- I’ve been doing this since 2008 and the journey has been good.  I’ve been able to see majority of the USA and I’ve also been able to travel outside the country. The journey has really been great and I’ve loved it so far.

Have you ever been to Nigeria?

Preston- No

What have you heard about Nigeria ad what exactly are you looking forward to?

Preston- I heard that Nigeria is a beautiful place, where the people are proud of their culture, origin and history. I also heard that the Christians there are God-fearing and God-loving believers and I’m looking forward to meeting them

Do you have fans who contact you from Nigeria regularly, who are particularly excited to have you come this time around?

Preston- Yes, I do have fans who contact me from Nigeria regularly. When the Rhyme and Reason flyers were posted, they wrote me on Facebook. Throughout the year, I get people who write from Africa so I feel like majority of our fan base is in Africa.

Rhyme and Reason, Preston Perry, the excision

What have you heard about Rhyme and Reason concert and what do you expect to see when you come?

Preston- I heard from Ezekiel and Janette..ikz that it was a good concert and I expect the glory of the Lord to be displayed.

What should Lagos and Nigeria expect from Preston Perry at Rhyme and Reason 2016?

My very best!  I will give it my all. I will honour God with my poetry and give you guys the best possible.

Words of encouragement to people who want to be doing what you are doing

Preston – Keep God first. Don’t chase fame but chase God and try to enjoy Him in your art and your gift will make room for you.

Thank you, see you in Lagos, Nigeria, on June 11th 2016

Preston- Thank you guys.

Kindly visit www.rhymeandreasonng.com to register, as limited seats are available and registration would close soon.




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